Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a coupon code?

Copy the code from a deal post. When you check out on the store's website, paste the code in the promo code field. Stores sometimes call this a promo code, but it is also known as a promotional code, coupon code or discount code.

A coupon code doesn't work

We do our best to curate all offers that come in. All offers can be rated, so if a code doesn’t work, please click the thumbs-down button next to the coupon. We monitor these ratings and will take action as necessary.

We also strongly advise that you check that any offers, discounts or coupons have been applied before you complete a purchase online.

Coupon without a code

If you see an offer without a coupon code, this offer does not require a code to receive the discount. This could be a click-to-active offer, free shipping or sale notification.

If the offer is a sale, discount will already be factored into the listed product price. If the offer is a click-to-activate offer you will see the discount in your cart at checkout once the qualifications of the offer are met.

I have a question or a problem with a deal or a coupon.

The best thing you should do is to contact us via Get in Touch section in the footer. You will get a response from us within a short period of time.

I tried using a code I found on your site and it did not work.

Please dislike that deal on our website so that other visitors could see that the deal is not good anymore. The deal/promo code/coupon may have expired before we were able to remove it from our site.

How do I make a purchase through your site? I do not see a cart or checkout anywhere.

Rudeals does not actually sell anything and is not a store. We are simply a resource for smart consumers to stop and grab a promo code, coupon, or be alerted to a fantastic deal on your way to making a purchase online or at an actual store.

I purchased an item through your site and they have charged my card, but I still have not received my item nor can I reach anyone from that store.

As you don't place your order directly from Rudeals, you can check the status of your order on the retailer's website or by contacting their customer service with the details of your order.

How can my company be featured on your site?

If you are interested in partnering with us to promote your products or services, please contact us via Get in Touch section in the footer.

How do I change my email settings or unsubscribe from your email?

Go to email preferences or unsubscribe to change your email frequency. Please allow our system 48 hours to process your request. If you are still unable to unsubscribe, please contact us.

I forgot my password or I keep seeing a message that says my password or login is incorrect.

Be sure you’re using the email address you signed up with. You can always click on the 'forgot password' link in the Log In form. You will be prompted to enter your email address. We will send you an email with instructions for resetting your password. Wait a few minutes for that message to arrive. If you don’t receive an email after ten minutes, check your spam folder.

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